Transport (VMDB) error -45 after upgrading to ESXi 6.5

If you have used the ESXi unlocker tool and upgrade to ESXi 6.5, chances are that none of your virtual machines will boot after the upgrade.

I’ve just recently made the jump from ESXi 6.0 to 6.5. The upgrade process is super easy and runs without any issues even when updating directly from the host itself. The only problem I had was that none of my virtual machines wanted to boot after the upgrade and gave me the following error:

Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process

After troubleshooting the issue and looking at the logs I figured out that the ESXi unlocker tool was the culprit. Before being able to run any virtual machine I had to SSH into my ESXi host, navigate to my unlocker folder and run ./ Once that’s done, reboot and  your virtual machines should not boot as usual.

If you still want to be able to use the unlocker on ESXi 6.5, I recommend you to upgrade to DrDonk’s version which you can find on GitHub. Just download the repository and transfer is to one of your datastores. Now it’s time to install the new unlocker. SSH back into your ESXi host, navigate to the unlocker directory and run these two commands in order to make the installer and uninstaller executable:

chmod +x
chmod +x

Finally run ./  and reboot when promted. Your OS X virtual machine and all the others should now work again as before.


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