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Omega design concept

The last couple of days have been dedicated to designing a new front-end for my custom bartop arcade. I’m not very happy with my current setup running HyperSpin since it has some nasty bugs and isn’t actively maintained anymore. It’s time to go pro and also build the software myself, not just the hardware!

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Arcade coin control ultimate

After getting the coin acceptor to work, I wanted to completely rewrite my software. Prior to this the software didn’t look good at all, didn’t support LCD screens or logging. In order to fix these limitations I wrote “Arcade coin control ultimate”. Awesome name, right? 😀

Coin acceptor for my arcade

Initial hardware testing of the coin acceptor I intended to use with my Omega project. Wrote a small piece of software that sends keystrokes to specified processes once a coin is inserted and accepted. I’m sorry for the terrible audio-quality, I’ll make sure use a better microphone in future videos.