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Omega design concept

The last couple of days have been dedicated to designing a new front-end for my custom bartop arcade. I’m not very happy with my current setup running HyperSpin since it has some nasty bugs and isn’t actively maintained anymore. It’s time to go pro and also build the software myself, not just the hardware!

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Omega banner

Project Omega – My take on a bartop arcade

Everything started when I found a coin acceptor on eBay but had no idea what to use it for. I normally try to find excuses to buy stuff I don’t need. 🙂 As for the coin acceptor, I tried to figure out what to use it for… I just loved the device itself, being able to collect coins and programmed it to potentially do a lot of cool stuff. After a lot of thinking I came up with the only sensible thing to do… build an arcade! 😀

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