CrashPlan 4.8.3 released: Settings lost

If you are using the Synology CrashPlan package made by PCLoadLetter you may have noticed some issues the past week. Here’s how you get CrashPlan up and running again.

It’s been a while since the unofficial CrashPlan package for Synology DSM has been updated. I suppose most of you also noticed issues when upgrading to 4.8.2 and version 4.8.3 is no exception unfortunately. While the automatic upgrade succeeded this time, I started receiving notifications that my server wasn’t backing up to CrashPlan central anymore. When starting the client it crashed after a few minutes, restarting the initial backup progress.

How to solve this issue

After investigating the issue I figured out that my syno_package.vars  file had been reset. In many cases this file is critical as it specifies the maximum allowed heap size for the Java runtime. If you run into the same issue, make sure it looks like this. Make sure to change the memory allocation from 3000M to whatever you like. As a rule of thumb CrashPlan recommends 1000MB of RAM for every 1TB of data you backup.



Another issue I’ve noticed is that my incoming backup location was changed back to the default location. If you have friend who backup to you, make sure the path are still correct or they will have to upload all their data again.


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