Adding more than 12 hard drives to XPenology

Did you know that XPenology supports more than 12 drives?

Since XPenology is based on a DS3615xs, it will only support 12 disks by default. In this video tutorial I’ll show you what you need to change in order to get around this restriction.

As always I recommend to backup all your important files before following this or any other tutorial. If you still haven’t tried CrashPlan, now is the time to consider a good backup solution! 🙂


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Samuel Benza


I have a question: it’s possible to extend in the same way the number of network ports? I have two pcie network cards with 6 and 4 ports and 1 port onboard. When I put the second pcie network card i can see only 8 ports (1+6+1)




Hi, I have the mods as you have suggested on a 24 drive bay build, and I can see the 24 empty slots. I currently have 112 drives loaded and the system is stable and functioning.

As an update, I added drive 13 and 14 (same size and make) and rebooted the system. The Drive is getting power but I cannot see the drives populated on HDD option in Xpenology! Any thoughts on what the problem might be? I have tried rebooting the system and I am going to check the config files next but they have not been touched as far as I know.

Have you actually loaded more than 12 drives in a build and had it functioning normally? Just curious as to if it will work or do I need to build another “full system” to take on the next 12 drives?

Thanks in advance for your insight.


Tan Nguyen

Is there any way to xpenoboot to recognize 45hdd days from startup need not set up in ssh? Thanks !

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