A theme for project Omega

Even though the arcade turned out to be just awesome, it still needed a GUI in order to be useful without having to navigate around in Windows. In order to save time I though about using Hyperspin as my front end.

While I was really happy with it to begin with while designing this theme, it turns out that Hyperspin has some serious issues. Since my theme was designed to work horizontally, but Hyperspin prefered vertically themes, the navigation was somewhat funny. Whenever you press and hold the joystick to the left or right, the “wheel” would spin the opposite way, which was really annoying. I’ve tried to make a hack, rewriting the keystrokes, but without success.

I intend to write my own GUI based on the one I made for Hyperspin. While I haven’t had the time to start on it just yet, I think I’ll use the micro-framework Flask and Python. I’ll keep you posted once I’ve made some progress… 🙂

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