Testing the illuminated buttons

Time to test the illuminated buttons!

Here comes a small status update on getting the illuminated buttons to work on RetroPie. For my next RetroBox build I wanted to add something special like an indicator on what buttons are in use by the emulator or current rom. One cool way of doing so is by using illuminated buttons!

I’m currently working on parsing all the necessary files in order to always light up the correct buttons, but in the meantime I had to make a small script that would show you guys how it looks! I’ve made a few simple effects and I must say that I’m really pleased with the result. It’s currently running on only 5V (the specs say 12V) and as long as you aren’t playing in direct sunlight it’s actually quite bright. With that being said, I might upgrade it to 12V once I’m done testing.

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Please can you place your script on github/pastebin …. as open-source?
Thank you.

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