RetroBox Scraper: Brainstorming

A front end independent rom metadata, image and video scraper.

About a year ago I created a game scraper as part of my custom arcade front end. Since developing the front end has been put on hold for the time being, I’m going to separate these two projects and continue to focus on the scraper as an independent tool. I’ve already used it for scraping my own rom collection and it works really nice, but it’s still far from being finished unfortunately.

For now the software is a command-line only tool for Windows, but I intend to create a nice looking UI for it once all other features are implemented. I think the tool should be able to parse a rom directory or a gamelist from different front ends, search online for information and save it in whatever format the user needs. The scraper will essentially be a gamelist viewer and converter with the possibility to gather all data from the web.


Providing the “Name” and “System” is enough to gather the rest of the data


  • Import a list of games from a rom directory, a HyperSpin database or a EmulationStation gamelist file
  • Fast and fully automatic scraping of all necessary game information (look at the screenshot above), artwork and video
  • Export scraped data to any format/gamelist

User interface

I haven’t started on the user interface yet, but I guess it will look similar to OPLM or the Wii Backup Manager. If you have a brilliant idea I would love to hear it or see some concepts! 🙂


The software currently supports the following online sites:


Are there any features you would like to add to the list? Do you have suggestions for the UI? Let me know using the comment section below! If you would appreciate a tool like this, please consider subscribing. Stay tunes for more updates!


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