RetroBox – My second bartop build

The last couple of weeks I’ve been quite busy building my seconds bartop arcade. Now that the hardware part of the project is mostly done, it’s time to share it!

Last summer I build myself a bartop arcade which got quite a lot attention on various social medias and forums. That build featured a whole lot of stuff from support for Wii remotes, light guns, coin support and a second screen just to have mentioned some. I’m even developing a custom front end for it.

This summer my parents and I build yet another arcade for a colleague and a good friend of mine. Instead of building exactly the same again, I was looking for inspiration on how to build a smaller, lighter and cheaper arcade then mine. Mine was more of a “look, I can do almost everything” type of arcade.

In order to keep it simple I’ve early on decided on using a Raspberry Pi 2 instead of a full fledged Windows computer this time. Even though it would have been fun to use the same front end on this that I develop for mine, it’s just too expensive for the time being. After some research I found an amazing instructable with blueprints and all needed to make this build a reality. After just a few weeks the hardware was done!

While the arcade itself is finished, the software is a whole lot of work to get going. I’m using RetroPie since it has most features I need already in place, but it will still take a lot of time to configure correctly. Especially gathering all the info about roms, sorting them and creating suitable gamelists.xml files will take a while. For this I intend to re-write a scraper I wrote some time ago to automate the whole process. In case someone is interested I’ll share it once done.

This is just a short progress update.
I’ll try to make a Youtube video once I’m done with the software. 🙂

Some photos from the progress


Finished arcade


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Okay, so you downloaded someones open source, made your customizations and havent made it open source also? Doesnt seems nice from you :/

Benjamin Krause


What customizations are you referring to?

My tweaks and changes are outlined here:

If you refer to my scraper it has nothing to do with RetroPie or any other frontend/projects. 🙂

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