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The last couple of days have been dedicated to designing a new front-end for my custom bartop arcade. I’m not very happy with my current setup running HyperSpin since it has some nasty bugs and isn’t actively maintained anymore. It’s time to go pro and also build the software myself, not just the hardware!

Even though I’m not happy with HyperSpin, I still like the design I made for it. In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it on YouTube. After giving it some thought I decided to keep it similar, only changing minor details.

Omega HomeFront-End

I still want to keep the system as simple as possible. The home screen only features a infinite carousel of the consoles installed on the arcade.

The user may select a console by navigating the joystick left and right. This will display the name, manufacturer, year and number of games just underneath the selected item.


Omega Game SelectionThe game selection screen features a grid-layout of all games for the selected console. This provides an excellent overview, especially on some consoles which may have over a thousand games.

Next to the grid you’ll see all the related information that’s available for the currently selected game. This includes a short video, meta tags like number of players, rating, publisher and year.  A short summary of the game will also be shown if available.

I know that a lot of people don’t really care about the design as long as the system does it job and is packed full of cool features. Even though Omega won’t be build to support addons or multiple themes (at least not for now), the features will be awesome.

Storing game information

I’m currently writing the back-end for the software. Since I intend to use HyperLaunch as my back-end launcher the database used will be highly compatible with it. For now I’m using the same structure as HyperSpin.

Launching games

HyperLaunch is awesome, enough said. If you need to categorize games, verify their location and be able to launch them easily this is the tool for you! This will be the default launcher in Omega.


I love to scrape information from the web. It just feels awesome to see a fully automated process automatically collecting data without having to do anything. This is where Omega shines compared to other front-ends. Omega will automatically be able to download all information about consoles and games from different websites and storing this information in a local database. Even artworks, videos, manuals and adverts will be downloaded and sorted for you.

Further development

Omega isn’t finished just yet and I sadly can’t give you an ETA on when it will be done either. I’m currently in the process of developing the scrapers and databases. Once that’s done I’ll start on the front-end itself, displaying the collected data. It’s pretty simple, but still elegant solution. Stay tuned for more information! Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter!

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