Creating a new theme for RetroFE

I haven’t posted much lately as I’ve been spending a lot of time testing two popular front-ends for my arcade; LaunchBox and RetroFE. It’s a really tough choice between features, compatibility and file structure. I won’t go into details at this point, but after giving RetroFE a shot it’s time to make my own custom theme!

Since my arcades are all using 4:3 monitors I wanted to create a custom theme that maximized the number of games I can see on one screen. Most themes are using a horizontal wheel and/or aren’t very space efficient at all. The problem is that it becomes difficult to keep an overview, especially when a category or platform may consist of several thousand games.

To solve this I’ve been looking at a lot of different themes for Kodi for inspiration. Kodi has a lot of good themes and even the default theme for RetroFE is based on the popular Kodi theme Aeon Nox. In my case I settled on using the theme KOver as my source of inspiration. I love the idea of listing the games vertically with box arts instead of logos or only text, a huge video and enough space for a long game description.

Now that the sketches are done it’s time to get to work and create the proper layout xml for the theme. It will probably take a few days, but I think the result will be worth the wait. I would really appreciate any suggestion or feedback. If you like the theme, let me know by using the comment section below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YoutTube channel in order to get notified when I upload video demonstrations of the working theme.

Stay tuned!


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