Building my own ambilight with Raspberry Pi

While looking for suitable solutions for my ambilight project, I stumbled across multiple possible solutions.

The most interesting I found was this video on youtube. Not only was the guy extremely fun to watch, I also loved the fact that the solution was supposed to work with multiple AV sources, like a PlayStation or Wii U. After continuing my research I also found these two sites here and here. It was time to visit my best friend again, hello there eBay!

2014-12-30 03.32.35After receiving all of the hardware necessary I started off with testing the LED strip itself, just to make sure it’s working. After following the wiring diagram from the site mentioned above, I was able to get all of the LED’s to light up without any issues! The configuration of the Raspberry Pi was actually very simple and straight forward. After downloading and installing Raspbian, I used Hyperion to control the LED’s which is awesome! It has it’s own XBMC addon for matching the video playing as well as an Android app for selecting solid colors or different effects. For information about installing Hyperion, check their wiki or leave a comment below.


While I had no problems getting the LED’s to light up, getting the HDMI2AV and the STK1160 video grabber to play nicely was a totally different story. After playing around with it for a couple of days I manged to get it to work, but was noticing quite an amount of lag. Especially when watching fast action scenes this quickly got really annoying. Besides, because of the low quality of the video grabber, I also noticed some flickering depending on the input source.

2015-01-17 21.48.51Sadly, I still haven’t been able to get a a satisfying result yet when it comes to the video grabber. However, just using the Raspberry Pi, LED’s and Hyperion produced an amazing result with almost no lag or flickering. The only downside is that the solution only supports Kodi/XBMC. While it would be fun to be able to use other input sources, the quality of the Hyperion XBMC addon is way beyond the result I managed to produce using the video grabber.

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