Arcade coin control ultimate

After getting the coin acceptor to work, I wanted to completely rewrite my software. Prior to this the software didn’t look good at all, didn’t support LCD screens or logging. In order to fix these limitations I wrote “Arcade coin control ultimate”. Awesome name, right? 😀

Coin acceptor for my arcade

Initial hardware testing of the coin acceptor I intended to use with my Omega project. Wrote a small piece of software that sends keystrokes to specified processes once a coin is inserted and accepted. I’m sorry for the terrible audio-quality, I’ll make sure use a better microphone in future videos.

Omega banner

Project Omega – My take on a bartop arcade

Everything started when I found a coin acceptor on eBay but had no idea what to use it for. I normally try to find excuses to buy stuff I don’t need. 🙂 As for the coin acceptor, I tried to figure out what to use it for… I just loved the device itself, being able to collect coins and programmed it to potentially do a lot of cool stuff. After a lot of thinking I came up with the only sensible thing to do… build an arcade! 😀

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