YouTube channel subscription and views count to Pushover

I’ve made a new script similar to Facebook page like count to Pushover that keeps track of my YouTube stats.

It’s no secret that I love statistics and notifications. Even though my YouTube account doesn’t get a lot of views or new subscribers, I wanted to get notified whenever there’s a major change. The script uses Pushover to send notifications if a new user subscribes to your channel or whenever your total number of views increases by a given threshold (100 views by default).

This post is now outdated and unsupported. Get the latest code here.

import sys
import re
from lxml import etree
import urllib2, os, httplib, urllib

PUSHOVER_USER = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
YOUTUBE_URLS = [["IDmedia", "ChannelID","PushoverApiKey"]]

def main():
 # Change to our directory
 abspath = os.path.abspath(__file__)
 dname = os.path.dirname(abspath)

 for yturl in YOUTUBE_URLS:
 # Setup variables
 name = "".join([c for c in yturl[0] if c.isalpha() or c.isdigit() or c==' ']).rstrip()
 channel_id = yturl[1]
 subscriber_filename = 'subscriber_count_%s.txt' % name.lower()
 views_filename = 'views_count_%s.txt' % name.lower()

 # Verify that the subscriber and views txt file exists
 if not os.path.isfile(subscriber_filename) or not os.path.isfile(views_filename):
 createfile('subscribers', subscriber_filename, channel_id)
 createfile('views', views_filename, channel_id)

 # Collect subscriber and views count
 youtube_data = readyoutubedata(channel_id)
 previous_subscriber_count = int(readfile(subscriber_filename))
 new_subscriber_count = int(youtube_data['subscribers'])
 diff_subscriber_count = new_subscriber_count - previous_subscriber_count

 previous_views_count = int(readfile(views_filename))
 new_views_count = int(youtube_data['views'])
 diff_views_count = new_views_count - previous_views_count

 if diff_subscriber_count != 0:
 # The number of subscribers has changed, send notification and update subscriber txt
 createnotification(name, 'Subscribers', yturl[2], new_subscriber_count, diff_subscriber_count)
 createfile('subscribers', subscriber_filename, channel_id)

 if diff_views_count >= YOUTUBE_VIEWS_DIFF:
 # The number of views has changed significantly, send notification and update views txt
 createnotification(name, 'Views', yturl[2], '{0:,}'.format(new_views_count), diff_views_count)
 createfile('views', views_filename, channel_id)

def readyoutubedata(channel_id):
 headers = { 'User-Agent' : 'Mozilla/5.0' }
 req = urllib2.Request("*" + channel_id + "%2Fabout%22%20%0AAND%20xpath%3D'%2F%2F*%5B%40class%3D%22about-stats%22%5D%2F%2Fb'&format=xml", None, headers)

 youtube_data = urllib2.urlopen(req).read()
 youtube = etree.fromstring(youtube_data)
 result = {'subscribers': youtube.find('.//results/b[1]').text, 'views': re.sub("[^0-9]", "", youtube.find('.//results/b[2]').text)}

 return result

def createfile(stats, filename, channel_id):
 youtube_data = readyoutubedata(channel_id)

 if youtube_data:
 with open(filename, "w") as text_file:

def readfile(filename):
 with open (filename, "r") as text_file:
 return'\n', '')

def createnotification(name, type, pushover_token, new_count, diff_count):
 conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection("")
 conn.request("POST", "/1/messages.json",
 "token": pushover_token,
 "message": "%s for %s: %s\nChange since last update: %s" % (type, name, new_count, diff_count),
 }), { "Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" })

if __name__ == '__main__':
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