SickRage won’t start after last update

An update for SickRage causes the package to fail during startup. Here’s how you solve it!

If you are using SickRage with automatic updates enabled, chances are that the package suddenly stopped working due to a bad commit. Fortunately, the it’s very simple to fix in just a few, easy steps. First launch Putty or similar and enter the IP-address to your¬†Synology or XPenology server. Remember that SSH has to be enabled in DSM (Control Panel->Terminal & SNMP).

Login as root and run the following two commands. The first command will change the directory to SickRage, while the second command will use Git to pull the latest version from GitHub.

cd /volume1/@appstore/sickbeard-custom/var/SickBeard
/volume1/@appstore/git/bin/git pull

Now switch back to DSM and try to restart the package and it should start without further issues.


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