Reddit video addons for Kodi Helix

Just recently I upgraded my HTPC from XBMC to the latest version of Kodi Helix. After the upgrade I was quite disappointed to notice the lack of any Reddit-Video addons and decided to fix that.

Last time I upgraded XBMC, I found this post on with Gotham-compatible versions of both the and Reddit Videos addon. However, this time I couldn’t find any versions compatible with the latest version of Kodi.

How to install

Installing the two addons is quite easy. Download this archive that includes all the dependencies not yet available in the official Kodi repository. Extract the files anywhere and you should now have five separate archives ready to be installed.

Switch to Kodi, navigate to “Install from zip file” and select each zip in order to install it. I recommend to install demjson and chrome.launcher first, followed by vimeo if you encounter any issues.

Once that’s done you might want to install the (, BlueCop’s Reddit Videos addon ( or both.


I’ve created a Kodi Add-on repository that features an updated version of this add-on.

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Thanks so much for putting this together! Got a structure error in your version of reddit_tv zip file; I replaced it with another copy I downloaded and all worked fine, thanks again!

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Thanks for the comment! Strange that my zip didn’t work, could you please provide me with the one that you used so I can update this post? 🙂

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