Facebook like count as Pushover notification

I was looking for a way to get notified whenever someone likes or dislikes my blog on Facebook. Since I couldn’t find a solution, I made one myself.

Facebook Like Pushover notification

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but after adding the Facebook like box to my blog, I always wanted to be notified whenever there’s a change in the number of likes. I didn’t want to check Facebook all the time and since I’m already subscribing to Pushover I thought… Why not make a script that sends me an update whenever there’s a change in like count? Consider it done!

After a quick Google search I was happy to see that it’s actually possible to get the number of likes without using the official API. I wanted to keep the script as simple as possible and not having to care about authentication was a blessing. I intend to make another post with the script in case anyone is interested once my blog hits 100 likes. 🙂

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