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Omega design concept

The last couple of days have been dedicated to designing a new front-end for my custom bartop arcade. I’m not very happy with my current setup running HyperSpin since it has some nasty bugs and isn’t actively maintained anymore. It’s time to go pro and also build the software myself, not just the hardware!

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Install Synology DSM in a ESXi 5.x virtual machine

Back in 2011, I ordered myself a Synology Disk Station DS410 4-bay NAS in order to have a centralized and private storage solution for my files. I have to admit, the user interface and support from Synology superseded everything else at that time. Even now, four years later, I get free updates that provide many new features like running your own “Dropbox” clone. However, while the software continues to evolve, the hardware in the device sadly does not.

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